Expert 11+ Creative Writing Course

Help your child to reach their 11+ exam potential

Course Details 2023-24

School Year

Children in Year 4 and 5 from September 2023 onwards

Course Length

24 sessions from October 2023 to June 2024
Each session lasts 90 minutes

Where and when

Online, on Mondays or Thursdays

School entrance exams we prepare for:

All grammar and independent schools that include a creative writing task as part of their 11+ entrance exam.

Key Course Benefits

Original Material to Examberry

Weekly digital classwork (PDF download) included.

Proven Success Record

85%-90% of our students secure a place at one of their first three choices of school.

Engaging Course Design

Our interactive and dynamic course materials keep students interested and inquisitive throughout.

Term 1 Digital Classwork
(PDF Download)

Term 2 Digital Classwork
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Term 3 Digital Classwork
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Expert Instruction

Learn from highly experienced tutors who specialise in 11+ creative writing instruction.

Personalised Feedback

Each student's work receives individual attention, promoting continuous improvement.

Homework Portal

Conveniently submit work and receive feedback through our online platform.

Fully prepare your child for their targeted schools

Our course will prepare your child for the following schools that use a creative writing task as part of their 11 Plus entrance exam.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive and our course prepares for all kinds of writing tasks in 11+ exams. Please contact us if you would like to check if your targeted school is relevant.

Independent Schools

  • City of London School (for boys)
  • City of London School for Girls
  • Dulwich College
  • Emanuel School
  • Epsom College
  • Haberdashers’ Girls’ School
  • Hampton School
  • James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS)
  • Kingston Grammar School
  • King’s College School (KCS Wimbledon)
  • Latymer Upper School
  • Lady Eleanor Holles School
  • Merchant Taylors’ School
  • North London Collegiate School (NLCS)
  • Putney High School
  • St George’s Weybridge
  • St Paul’s Girls’ School
  • St Paul’s School
  • Surbiton High School
  • Trinity School
  • Westminster Under School
  • Whitgift School
  • Wimbledon High School
  • Wycombe Abbey

Grammar Schools

  • Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Essex
  • Colyton Grammar School, Devon
  • Dame Alice Owen’s School
  • Essex (CSSE) schools
  • The Henrietta Barnett School (HBS)
  • Kent grammar schools
  • Medway grammar schools
  • Nonsuch High School for Girls
  • Reading School, Berkshire
  • St Anselm’s College (Birkenhead)
  • St Olave’s School (Bromley)
  • Sutton Grammar School
  • The Latymer School
  • Tiffin Girls’ School
  • Tiffin School
  • Wallington County Grammar School
  • Wallington High School for Girls
  • Wilson’s Grammar School

What will my child learn?

Your child will learn to weave compelling narratives that keep readers hooked. They’ll delve into the heart of storytelling, exploring essential elements such as:

  • Plot development: learn how to craft engaging storylines
  • Character creation: understand how to build realistic, relatable characters
  • Setting & theme: discover how to establish immersive settings and compelling themes

Prepare for even the toughest non-fiction writing questions, which typically ask students to argue and persuade their view on a topical idea. We’ll cover:

  • Non-fiction formats: instil confidence in how to layout any text, from letters to speeches to news articles.
  • Tone and style: adapting their creative writing skills for a new purpose, audience and formality.

This course enables your child to expand their vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. The sections will cover:

  • New words: exploration of a broad range of new words, idioms, phrases, and expressions
  • Interactive exercises: reinforce learning through practical tasks that solidify new vocabulary usage

Your child’s creativity will be sparked and nurtured, helping them view the world in unique ways. This involves:

  • Stimulating prompts: engage in exercises designed to encourage creative thinking and imaginative expression
  • Idea generation: learn techniques to generate original ideas and incorporate them into their writing

A strong foundation in spelling, punctuation and grammar is key to effective writing. We’ll cover:

  • Grammar rules: solidify understanding of core grammar concepts and rules
  • Spelling strategies: master effective revision techniques for learning advanced words

Your child will learn how to paint vivid pictures with words. This includes:

  • Sensory details: learn to incorporate sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch in descriptions
  • Show, don’t tell: master the art of showing emotions and actions, rather than simply telling

A solid plan and structure to any written piece is integral to its success. We’ll delve into:

  • What planning methods make efficient use of exam time through their writing
  • How plans can be used to score every mark possible

Good dialogue can bring a story to life. We’ll guide your child through:

  • Dialogue creation: learn how to write natural, engaging dialogues that reveal character and move the story forward
  • Formatting: understand the correct way to format dialogue in written work

Your child will understand the importance of reviewing and refining their work. This crucial step involves:

  • Proofreading: learn techniques to identify and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Revision techniques: understand how to improve their own work through self-assessment and revision strategies

Teaching exclusively from 11 Plus writing experts

Detailed marking of all homework

  • We provide comprehensive feedback on all assignments, highlighting strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement to ensure consistent growth in writing skills.
  • Our feedback isn’t just about marking, but about giving detailed, constructive advice that guides students towards improvement. We don’t just tell students what is wrong, we show them how to make it right.

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£ 475 per term
or £1299 for all 3 terms
  • Online and interactive classes
  • All exclusive weekly digital classwork (PDF download) included
  • 3 terms, 24 weeks
  • 8x 90 minute sessions per term
  • Online platform to submit homework
  • Detailed marking of all homework
  • Maximum of 24 students per class

All registrations are subject to agreeing to our terms and conditions.

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